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UTSNS at the University of Tennessee:


The UT Neurosurgical Surgery Student Interest group at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences center plays an important role in the education of students throughout their time in medical school. It provides students a chance to get hands on experience in a variety of different areas of Neurosurgery. This experience helps to equip them for future work and hopes to inpsire them to excel in medical shool, residency, and beyond.





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The future of Neurosurgery:

Neurosurgery is one of the youngest of surgical disciplines, dating back to 1905 when Harvey Cushing published "The Special Field of Neurological Surgery." The earliest neurosurgeons were well-trained general surgeons with special interest in the nervous system. Many were also creative scientists who used their expertise in neurophysiology in clinical settings. Because of its youth, neurosurgery is rapidly evolving.

An important tradition in neurosurgery is change and rapid dissemination of new ideas and techniques. Today neurosurgeons practice in a variety of locations from academic centers, to community hospitals, to major research facilities. Successful neurosurgeon practicioners embrace change and recognize that during their careers they will continue to change and grow, incorporating new techniques and ideas for the care of their patients.

"In these days when science is clearly in the saddle and when our knowledge of disease is advancing at a breathless pace, we are apt to forget that not all can ride and that he also serves who waits and who applies what the horseman discovers."
- Harvey Cushing

Neurosurgery in Memphis:

Harvey Cushing has long been considered one of the father's of neurosurgery and gained wide recognition in the early 1900's. Neurosurgery was further refined by many outstanding young physicians in this time period, one of whom was Raphael Eustace Semmes. Dr. Semmes trained under Dr. Harvey Cushing and moved to Memphis, TN in 1912. After World War II Dr. Semmes met his first associate: Francis Murphey. Together Dr. Semmes and Dr. Murphy formed the Semmes-Murphy clinic which has been an integral part of the University of Tennessee's Health Science Center in Memphis.




Goals of UTSNS:

1. Introduce Medical Students to the field of Neurological Surgery

2. Organize, devleop, and promote interest in the specialty of neurological surgery.

3. Encourage and develop student interest in neurological surgery through discussion groups, workshops, and attending/medical student mentoring relationships

4. Provide clinical exposure for medical students in neurologial surgery

5. Provide guidance through the neurological surgery residency process

6. Provide leadership to promote active student involvement in neurological surgery

7. Serve as liaison for possible research projects

8. Assist the professional advancement of those students seeking careers in neurological surgery